Elizabeth Desocio

I’m Elizabeth, most people call me “Bitty”. I have three children, all of them have four legs and run my life. Chances are you will get to meet them at the studio sometime. I am lucky enough to be engaged to the most amazing man who has supported me through my dream of opening Crave.

Cycling has been a passion of mine for years, I would much rather jump into a cycling class than workout on the elliptical for 45 minutes. The community aspect of cycling really developed for me during college. The university gym didn’t have the best equipment or an insane sound system, but it didn’t matter. There were 30 of us in that room with one common goal, survive this class; this is where I found my absolute obsession with rhythmic cycling. Focusing only on the beat of the music and not the resistance level of the bike or the rpms made the workout so much more intense for me, I could really focus on myself and my body.

You will most likely see me riding next to you in class or greeting you at the front desk, but when you jump in a class that I teach at Crave, (which will be rare) be ready for a very emotional ride. I love to push my class and encourage them to break boundaries. My music is all over the board, but that’s who I am, I want people to go on a journey during those 45 minutes. In my class, its 45 minutes with no cell phones, no worries, no kids, that time is yours and yours alone. Yes, you have 13 other people rooting for you and sweating their butts off too, but everything you do on the bike is your choice. Cycling is an escape for me and I hope you come experience that in one of my classes.

I crave love