Aspen Younker

Hello I’m Aspen! I am an instructor and Studio Manager here at Crave. I started cycling at Crave as someone who had never taken a spin class before and after few classes I knew this would be something that would change my life forever.

In my class you can expect to ride to everything from punk rock, EDM, electronic, a sprinkle of alternative, and of course some hip-hop! Pretty much anything with an upbeat and a mean beat drop that’ll get you going! We will include anything from a gritty hill climb to a speedy crack jog and everything in between. Be ready to incorporate lots of choreography moves and singing! We will challenge ourselves physically but mentally as we power through the workout so be prepared to push the limits. There will be moments of hot fire and moments where the energy is a little more subtle. Overall you will experience highs and lows as we journey through this intense workout together.

Cycling has given me a way to fully express myself through music. It is important to me that everyone is also comfortable expressing themselves without the fear of judgement. Whether it be singing along to your favorite song or really getting into the choreography, you are free to be who you truly are when riding my class. There is one rule in my class and that’s to have fun above all else. Overall, you will leave the studio feeling accomplished and capable of taking on the world!

I can’t wait to ride with you!

I crave authenticity