Aspen Younker

Hello I’m Aspen! I am from Decatur Illinois but have spent most of my years here in Amarillo Texas. I grew up with 5 younger siblings all raised by my amazing mother. Watching her struggle to raise us on her own is what pushes me to become the best version of myself everyday! 

I originally started cycling at Crave as a beginner who had never taken a spin class before not knowing that someday I would be up on the podium teaching classes of my own! And boy am I lucky and grateful to be apart of this amazing community! Growing up I was always heavily involved in sports and have been a athlete since the age of 6, therefore being apart of a team environment is nothing new to me. With a background in music you can expect to ride to a wide variety of music; everything from punk rock, dance or electronic, a sprinkle of alternative, and of course hip-hop! Pretty much anything with an upbeat and a mean beat drop to get the energy soaring! 

Cycling has given me a way to fully be myself and has provided me a way to release all my emotions in a fun sweaty workout. In my class it is important to me that everyone is able to freely express themselves whether that is through singing along to the music or really getting into the choreography. I want my riders to simply let loose and have a good time! The goal is to leave feeling accomplished and like you are capable of anything! Hope to see you dancing it out with my in my next class!

I crave authenticity