Our Classes

All of our classes are taught in a rhythmic format, riding to the beat of the music. There will be climbs, intervals and sprints incorporated with custom choreography based individually on each instructor’s style. We understand this style may be new to those who are used to traditional cycling, we choose to have our classes formatted this way because it is FUN and an amazing workout! This won’t just be a workout for your legs, but you will utilize your arms, abs, back and legs, getting a full body workout. But there’s nothing to fear, we were all beginners once and even if you are just starting out, we encourage you to take it at your own pace and enjoy the party in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Our Crave Team will be in-studio to help you get your bike set up, help you clip in and answer any questions you may have. At the start of each class, the instructor will provide guidelines on hand positions and any specific to their class you should know. Instructors and staff will also be available after class for all your questions, conversations & high fives!

class descriptions

Crave 101

Crave 101 is recommended for all first time rhythmic riders. You will learn all the ins and outs of riding on beat and staying out of the saddle. Even if you have been cycling for years, we recommend jumping in a 101 class to learn all of our choreography terms and proper rhythmic form.

Crave Cardio

Crave Cardio is our traditional 45 minute, fast paced, rhythmic-based, sweat ride. Get ready to work your butt off while riding to the beat with your instructor. We work in a killer arm series during each class as well.

Crave Intensity

Crave Intensity is 45 minutes of fast paced, rhythmic-based riding with an additional challenge. You will be asked to add more resistance at faster speeds than in our traditional cardio class. This class is for advanced riders who are capable of keeping the beat, looking to grow in their cycling abilities, and push themselves to their greatest workout potential.

Crave More

Crave More is takes our for all of our cardio queens and kings out there. This is truly 60 minutes of JUST CYCLING, NO ARM SERIES! You can expect to keep a fast beat for most of the class with more choreography as well. This is for cyclers who are capable of maintaining the beat and performing choreography.

Crave Power

Crave Power is a more traditional cycling class that incorporates a rhythmic-based cycling style with less choreography and more resistance training. We spend a bit more time in the saddle working on maintaining that fast beat and building our strength. As we say, “no shame in the saddle game”. Great for someone who is interested in riding to the beat of the music but enjoys more of a traditional cycling experience.

Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday is similar to our traditional Crave Cardio class with a fast paced, rhythmic-based, sweat ride; however, we encourage our riders to use this time to check in on their body, soul, and mind. We spend the first 50 minutes cycling with a 6 minute arm track and then at the end of the class we focus on a deep cool down with an extended stretch series.