Why crave?

Find What You Crave

Crave Cycle was created to offer men and women of all fitness levels an escape from the mundane workout routine. Living a healthy lifestyle is hard when you don’t have an outlet that you love. Fitness shouldn’t be something you dread or have to force yourself to do. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where you have to push yourself a little extra to get out of bed, but for the most part, you should find an activity that immerses you into an environment that lifts you up and pushes you emotionally and physically. That is what we have built here at Crave.

My fitness journey has been one of highs and lows, even since I was a young girl. I found cycling when I was in middle school at a local health center in Kansas. I fell in love and continued to cycle through college. When I moved to Amarillo a few years ago I had a hard time finding a health center I could cycle with as well as the community I had become accustomed to at my previous gym. I gained quite a bit of weight and saw my health deteriorating before my own eyes.  I realized if I was in search of a community to grow and cycle with, there had to be others. I quit my job and threw everything I had into creating Crave Cycle. Not only is Crave the premier rhythmic cycling studio in Amarillo, but it is a community where anyone and everyone is encouraged to come sweat, connect, grow, and laugh with us. We hope that you join our studio and find what you crave.

Elizabeth DeSocio
Crave Cycle Studio Owner